Ice Skating Information.


Ice skating has been around for donkeys years with people skating just for fun on indoor rinks and on frozen lakes. Used as a leisure pastime and for a serious sport as well, it will never go out of fashion.

Indoor Rinks

In certain towns you will find ice rinks that can be used for public skating and shared for people learning to skate and games such as Ice hockey. To find your nearest rink and skate club just follow the link below


Learn To Skate

 Many people want to learn to ice skate, whether it 's  just for fun or to become a professional / serious  skater. Many courses are available from novice to more advance. Skate UK offers classes at most of the local ice rinks. For more details on this visit their website.


Skating Tips

There are many ways on how people learn to skate,  Tips can be found from viewing some of the You Tube videos. You can find a You tube video for literally anything you wish to learn these days. Here is an example of what you might find.









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