Roller Hockey Information.


This site offers information on roller hockey particularly if you happen to be in or around  the area of Buckinghamshire or Bedfordshire then this could be right up your street. There are two styles of Roller hockey, one style that is played on quads skates and the other that is played on inline skates.

Skater Hockey Dunstable Gators

Dunstable Gators were founded in 1997 and are affiliated to GBH Inline. Gators have already made their mark on Southern and GBHI UK Skater Hockey Leagues. They play inline roller hockey which is a game similar to ice hockey but on inline skates.   The rules are fairly close to ice hockey, wearing the same protective gear and using the same type of stick.

Midland Roller Arena

The Midlands Roller Arena (MRA) is a purpose-built roller rink in Leicestershire for inline hockey (puck & ball), roller derby, inline speed skating, roller discos & more. We also host regular training nights, GBHI hockey tournaments, and roller parties...

midland roller rink

Letchworth Roller Hockey Club

Letchworth Roller Hockey Club was established in 1984 and since then has had many successes, including winning the Premier League and supplying more than 28 players to represent England.  This club play their roller hockey on quad skates which is a game more similar to field hockey and they use the same field hockey shaped stick.







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