Milton Keynes Ice Hockey.


If you are looking for information on ice hockey in the Milton Keynes area then this website should bring it all together. With the different teams from junior storm to professional MK Lightning and lots of teams in between there are lots of fixtures going on. There is generally several games going on around the city at Planet Ice so check the teams individual websites to see what is going on.

MK Lightning

Mk Lightning is the No 1 ice hockey team for the Milton Keynes area. The team play fast and furious and with the puck flying around at sometimes over 100 miles per hour. With great crowd atmosphere  this team is a thrill to watch. So come to planet ice and watch them play as its a nice family sport even though there is a certain amount of fisty cuffs. You may even be lucky enough to get a hug or a wave from Pucky the resident mascot bear.

Mk Thunder

After  Lightning there's always Thunder close behind. And boy do these MK Thunder boys make a large rumble when they get onto the rink. If you haven't been scared off by the Lightning lads the crack of the Thunder lads might just get you on the edge of your seat. Home rink is also Planet ice Milton Keynes so check out their website to find their next fixtures.

MK Hurricanes

If you like watching your Ice hockey you will notice that Milton Keynes teams have a weather theme about them. We understand some of these Hurricane players move like the wind. So if you want to watch these players blow some of the opposition away, check out their website for more details on The MK Hurricane Ice hockey fixtures.

MK Storm

Kicking up a storm in Milton Keynes Ice hockey is the younger players of ice hockey in the area. The teams have an under 10 group which means you can play ice hockey from as young as 4 years of age and the age groups go up to  18 years of age. If you want to see them play a lot of their games are Free to watch and they want your support. Their fixtures are on their website so check them out. Also if you are looking to learn to play ice hockey they have a Learn to play scheme too. For more info.

MK Jestors

Don't be fooled by the name, when these guys are on the ice they ain't joking. The Jestors are a team to be reckoned with. If you want to know what the Jestors schedule is then have a look at their website to see when they are playing next at home at Planet Ice Milton Keynes.

Other Teams

There are other teams within the Milton Keynes area that play ice hockey including recreational teams and a ladies Ice hockey team known as the MK Falcons.

If you have a team that has not been mentioned and you want to be on this website let us know at







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