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If you are looking today for a complete skateboard rather than buying your skateboard in parts then this the website for you. There is generally a cost saving in buying the complete package in one go, rather than purchasing the wheels, the deck and trucks separately. You may find that some of the component pieces may not be as good, but you can upgrade the parts at a later stage as your budget or skill level increases. The market today has plenty of choices when it comes to complete skateboards so you can get the type that suits you.

Complete Skateboard Decks: The skateboard you buy will need a deck. However the type of deck you get on your package will depend on how much you spend. Many of these decks that come on the complete skateboards come in what they call a full size but you can get some of the slightly smaller versions of the decks for youths that come complete. The decks are normally made of seven (7) ply which consists of some sort of wood. Canadian ply seems to be quite popular for longlivitey of the decks and you will possible find that on the complete skateboards you will also find some grip tape on top of the deck for better grip. A picture of some sort can be sometimes found on the underside of the deck even on the cheaper models and some people buy their skateboard for this very reason. Your deck will also have the holes drilled for your tucks which does not always happen if you are buying your deck separately. The hole pattern should also be for the newer models trucks if board is of the later models.

Complete Skateboard Trucks: The next thing that you get with a complete skateboard is the trucks. Again the quality of the trucks will largely depend on how much you pay for your skateboard in the first place. Attached to the deck are two metal or aluminun alloy trucks, which connect to the wheels and deck together. The trucks themselves are further comprised of two parts. The top part of the truck is screwed to the deck and is called the base-plate and the lower part that actually holds the wheels on is called the hangers. A kingpin holds the two together and bushes help to control the ride. How hard or soft these rubbers are will depend on how the control is. If you purchase your skateboard as a complete unit you will find that these items should all be put together and tightened when you buy the skateboard already complete. When replacing trucks remember they can come in different widths. The widths chosen are normally in relation to the width of your board. Therefore if the board is around 7.75 inches wide, then the trucks should be around 7.5 to 8 inches wide.

Complete Skateboard Bearings: Depending on the price that you pay for your complete skateboard means that the bearings offered may not be as good quality as ones that you could upgrade to. Most of the bearings fitted to wheels are of the 608 type and can be detached from the wheels themselves. There are normally two bearings fitted to each wheel and so a pack of eight will be required if you ever replace them at some time. The standard bearings that come with a complete package may not have an Abec rating. This rating is supposed to give an indication of how good the bearing is supposed to be. Normally the ratings range between an Abec1 to an Abec9. Also Swiss bearings may be fitted which have been said to be one of the best type of bearings, giving the best roll available for your skateboard. Unless you pay alot of money for your skateboard in the first place, expect complete skateboards not to be fitted with Abec9 or Swiss bearings. However as long as your bearings can come out of the wheels these can easily be upgraded.

Wheels For Complete Skateboards: No skateboard is complete if it has no wheels fitted to it. Again quality of wheels vary trermendously and the hardness of the wheels make a difference to your grip on the surface as well as your speed ability. If you are skating on an indoor circuit, rather than an outdoor circuit would make a difference to what wheels you purchase for your board. However if thesZA skate board comes as a complete package your choice might only be of an outdoor wheel. The outdoor wheels tend to be a bit softer than indoor wheels as they need more grip for loose surfaces. Even if you buy a complete skateboard package then you might still have to change the wheels for a better quality wheel for different envirornments. A 78a is normally considered as a soft wheel and diameter sizes will vary if you are aiming to do tricks or if you are speed skating.






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