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If you are looking for information on ice hockey and rules of the game. There is generally several games going on around the country if the hockey season is around. You will still find practise games going on and the summer hockey season with games you can watch. From leisure to professional matches there are plenty around .

What is Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast-paced game, and player substitutions may happen every few minutes or less, often during game-play. With three lines in fact, line changes spaced around a minute apart are often deemed ideal to allow players to conserve enough energy to last the entire game. The team consists of at most 23 players of whom two have to be net minders. If the players are in an under ten they will have to change every ninety seconds. Ice hockey is also quite a physically and demanding sport, with sometimes some violence and the players need to be extremely fit in order to play it well. Players tend to take regular aerobic exercise. This is the only way to achieve the required level of fitness required to play ice hockey competitively. As Ice hockey began in 1860 it is generally regarded as quite a new sport compared to other sports that have been around much longer than that.

Ice Hockey Rules

The original ice hockey rules were set by two students who started to play the game at a University in Montreal, Canada, back in  the year of 1879. The sport soon spread across Canada, then America and the rest of the world. In 1903, Britain had five ice hockey teams in a league. The British Ice Hockey Association (BIHA) was formed in 1914. It is now called Ice Hockey UK, which was set up in 1999. The rules are normally the same for most age groups unless you play in the under 10s age group where they tend to do a complete line shift after a time limit buzzer.

Ice Hockey The Game

 It is said that Ice hockey is a fast paced game and player changes may happen every few minutes and often without an interruption in play. Ice hockey is known as the fastest team sport. It is a great sport to raise youngster’s confidence and fitness. Players control the puck using a long stick with a blade, that may or may not be curved, at one end. Players may also redirect or kick the puck with a skate or use hands as required if necessary. Also in men's hockey a player may use his hip or shoulder to hit another player if the player has the puck or has just passed it. This use of the hip and shoulder is called body checking and can look quite aggressive when it is done.

Practicing Ice Hockey

Practising basic skating skills should always be a priority to help with the ice hockey players ability to manoeuvre themselves well on the ice. It is inevitable that your game will suffer if your ice skating skills are not up to scratch. For players that are really serious about improving their hockey skills sometimes consider attending a training camp. This gives them the edge of many of their opponents. Many of these designed ice hockey courses are for children but some adults courses are available and beginners to skilled players will generally attend.






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